as i am sure you know by now.. i am a pacific northwest based lifestyle photographer! my favorite things to photograph are babies and couples, but honestly i love it all.

my goal is always to create a lasting memory of a moment that might otherwise be forgotten. but i also really want it be beautiful! my style is more on the lifestyle/candid/creative end of the spectrum, and i spend a boat load of time making sure every photo reflects the moment as i observed it!

a little wierdness about me:

  • i am actually a cpa! woot! accounting ironically was my first love, which has made it particularly interesting that i took this sharp u-turn into photography. i am still not sure how/why that happened, but photography has truly blossomed into my passion so i am so glad that it did! i love having the opportunity to join together my passion with my career. 
  • as i mentioned above, i really specialize in lifestyle (candid) photography, focusing primarily on newborns, maternity, weddings + elopements.
  • before photography, my passion was biking. i still love it, but a few decent crashes in made me reconsider whether i was coordinated enough to survive that hobby.
  • i have a little dog (oreo) and a boyfriend (nick) (both of which i refer to as my monkeys) and they are both the loves of my life. 
  • i work primarily out of seattle, issaquah, sammamish, and belleuve. having said that... i do travel to oregon and montana on a semi-regular basis, so travel is easy for me.
  • i am a people person, but i am also a major homebody. while my ideal day is filled with sessions, my ideal night is curled up on the couch with my monkeys editing photos.

i would love to find a time to chat more and set up a session. below are some of the best places to find me:

instagram: @maloriekerouacphotography

pinterest: @kerouacphotography


phone: 425-628-3336


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